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Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Rights are a bundle of legal rights which protect intangible assets that, in some cases, give enormous value to the owner of such right. The protection of a Trademark, Industrial Design, Copyright and/or Patent is of the utmost importance to, inter alia, an inventor, an artist, a luxury brand owner and an R&D Pharmaceutical Company.
Legal protection of IP rights through the Republic of Cyprus, as a member of the EU, can provide to the proprietor of any IP right, both national and pan-European protection.
The advantageous national IP tax law makes Cyprus an attractive venue for the acquisition and/or development of IP Rights.

THE IP BOX: The Cyprus Income Tax Law (No. 118/2002- as amended) provides, inter alia, that expenses for the acquisition or development of IP assets are tax exempted by 80%. The national Corporate Income tax rate amounts to 12.5% of net profits of a company; as per the provisions of the relevant Tax Law, 80% of profits from the purchase or development of IP assets will be exempted from taxation, thus only 2.5% of the net profits of any IP assets will be taxable, per year, to a registered legal entity in the Republic of Cyprus.

Intellectual Property Rights

Our team deals with all trademark matters including but not limited to, Trademark Registrations through the Cyprus Registrar of Trademarks’ Office, EUIPO and WIPO. We liaise for the registration of trademarks in other non-European countries. We handle trademark oppositions, cancellations, licensing, franchising etc. The Cyprus legal framework under which trademark rights are set out is: CAP 268 as amended.

The services provided by our team include the registration of national patents, validation of European patents and payment of annuities in the Republic of Cyprus. We also undertaken to assist our clients with all other aspects relating to Patent rights, such as the formation of agreements for the exploitation of Patents (sale, licensing etc.). Legal Framework: the Cyprus Patent Law No. 16(I)/1998 as amended.

We undertake Registrations and Renewals of Industrial Designs in the Republic of Cyprus and through EUIPO and we deal with all aspects in relation to this IP right such as licensing, contracts for the sale and/or purchase of same. (Law No. 4(I)/2002 as amended).

In the Republic of Cyprus, as in most countries worldwide, Copyright is not a registrable right. Our team undertakes to effectively advise and otherwise act on behalf of our clients in relation to copyright matters such as the protection of same, taking into consideration the form of the right involved. We also undertake to initiate legal proceedings in cases of Copyright infringement. The national Copyright and related rights Law is: Law No. 59/1976 as amended.

Our practice also involves the registration of all Intellectual Property Rights with the Cyprus Customs Authorities. If our clients’ so wish, we act on their behalf for the protection of their IP rights by registering same with the national Customs Authorities. With the filing of the yearly application for protection, all counterfeit and/or illegally imported items that breach the IP rights of the applicant can be hindered from entering the Republic. Usually such counterfeit and/or illegally imported items will be seized and destroyed by the Cyprus Custom Authorities (Law No. 133(I)/2006 as amended).  

Other than the services mentioned above, our team of advocates also undertake Intellectual Property Litigation cases. 

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